I have set up 2 projects on XM Cloud sandbox environment.

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Generating GraphQL EdgeToken from PS (.\New-EdgeToken.ps1 -EnvironmentId <environmentId>) for Project's (xmcloud-edge-integration) environment(dev).

But always GraphQL API returns a response from another project's (xmcloud-edge-2401) environment(xmcloud-edge-2401-devenv).

Any idea what I am doing wrong here, please suggest.

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It is a bit unclear, how you are doing the graphql query. Have you specified the Endpoint, The possible endpoints based on the URL of the cm instance are:



And you need to use the correct API key.

Or if you want to use Experience Edge:


Please keep in mind, that the edge endpoint is the same for all customers/projects, the edge identifies the endpoint by the "sc_apikey" header which contains the Edge Token.

If you are using for example nextjs, you need to specify the correct endpoint and API key for these variables (docker):

GRAPH_QL_ENDPOINT= https://xmcloud-edge-2401.sitecorecloud.io/sitecore/api/graph/edge

If this answer didn't help, please provide a bit more detail about the way your are running the query. you can always test your query using a GUI:

https://[your instance].sitecorecloud.io/sitecore/api/graph/edge/ide

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