in our JSS solution, I'm trying to insert a dynamic placeholder within our "main-placeholder", but it isn't displaying the allowed renderings I expect. It seems to be defaulting to a premade( set of renderings.

I expect the two following renderings to be shown in EXP:

enter image description here

But when adding renderings to the placeholder I get the following

enter image description here

The placeholder code:

  <Placeholder name={'hostelcontainer'} rendering={props.rendering} />

My rendering finds the code, and is inserted correctly into the page. following settings is set: IsRenderingsWithDynamicPlaceholders: true, and Layout Service Placeholder: "hostelcontainer"

enter image description here enter image description here

On the placeholders i've given the "Placeholder Key": "hostelcontainer" and it seems to work dynamicly. But the "Allowed renderings" i expect is not being shown.

The "page" does know of the placeholder:

enter image description here


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