If image field is null or empty @RenderImage does not render the <img> attribute.

Is there a way to tell GlassMapper's @RenderImage to use default placeholder image if no image exists or comes from sitecore?

Can we set this configuration sitewide?

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An alternative would be a custom Data Mapper that replaces the standard SitecoreFieldImageMapper. You could then set a default image for every empty field.

However I think that a custom extension to GlassHtml, e.g RenderImageWithPlaceholder, would be a better solution.


It is not possible "out-of-the-box" as far as I am aware. And instead of creating a new version of the @RenderImage method to allow this, I would do this check in your model before you hand it over to your view. If you are using a controller rendering, I would do something like:

if (model.MyImage == null)
    model.MyImage = new Image()
        Src = "/mydefaultImage.jpg", 
        Alt = string.Empty

You could probably wrap your SitecoreContext.GetItem<T> and apply this to all Glass.Mapper.Sc.Fields.Image's in your model if you want to use the same default image in all of your models.


This is how i solved this, for future reference:

Created an extension method for Glass.Mapper.Sc.Fields.Image which returns default image placeholder if image field is Null or empty.

    public static Image GetDefaultPlacholderImage(this Image image)
        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(image?.Src))
            return new Image { Src = Core.Constants.Constants.PlaceholderImagePath, Alt = string.Empty };
        return image;

In cshtml:

@RenderImage(child, x => x.ListingDetailsImage.GetDefaultPlacholderImage())

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