Is it possible to add a frame-ancestor header only for a specific site in our multisite Sitecore environment? What I saw were articles suggesting to add the header in the web.config but that would add the header to all sites then, wouldn't it? I also saw articles that has a module for it but it's only for SXA (our site isn't built on SXA).

I can attempt to override the XFrameOptionsHeaderModule but that doesn't seem like good practice.

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For adding a frame-ancestor header only for a specific site in non SXA website you have to do customization, SXA have this feature. You can take reference from below link in non SXA website.


Hope this helps you.

  • Pipelines, of course! I followed the implementation mentioned in the link you provided but modified it to read a configuration instead of it being configurable in the Content Editor.
    – Lala
    Feb 7, 2023 at 13:07

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