I am getting 403 "Authentication required." when i hit the GraphQL query in Postman. I am able to execute the same query in Sitecore GraphQL Playground.

In postman, i am passing the URL as https://{domain}/sitecore/api/graph/items/master?sc_apikey=key value

Also, Tried with using basic authentication with user name and password since Sitecore is using IDS for authentication.

How to make the authentication successful via postman?

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You can authenticate by generating bearer token using postman as explain by Dan. http://www.dansolovay.com/2023/01/using-postman-to-authenticate-to-graphql.html

one more alternative is you can set requireAuthentication to false with the patch while using postman.

  1. Go to file AppConfig\Sitecore\Services.GraphQL\Sitecore.Services.GraphQL.config
  2. set <requireAuthentication>false</requireAuthentication>

More details: https://singhajit.com/how-to-integrate-graphql-with-sitecore-using-jss/

I tried an alternative approach and it works well. enter image description here Hope this helps!

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    Thank you @Sumit Helaiya. I was tryin with the first option to get and use bearer token by following the same post. But i was facing some issues. Your second option works fine for me. Almost i have done everything as you have. Mistake what i was doing is i have enabled both requireAuthentication and requireApiKey. Thank you.
    – Jey
    Feb 10, 2023 at 13:05

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