I want to be able to add a droplist control (and have it appear) under the "Content" section when I select-to-edit a Text Field in the Pages editor.

Pages Editor - A Text Field selected with empty Content controls

My purpose for this is to add a way to specify which heading tag it should render whether its H1, H2, or H6.

I noticed that for an Image, it does have this thing like an image browser and I basically want the same but instead it would be a droplist.

Pages Editor - A Image Field selected with image browser control under the Content Section

Is there anyone here who can help me with this one?

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Depending on a given field type you will have different editing options in Content.

From your screenshots I beleive that you are using a Simple Text field, if you would like to have a drop down list option to manage your content you can use a Drop-down Menu field type in your content item template. This will allow you to select a Sitecore item from a list.

Note that there are two types of drop-down menus that you can include in a content item template:

  1. Drop Tree allows the user to select from a list with folders;
  2. Drop List shows a simple list of items.

Read more here.

Please note that Horizon is no longer supported after XP 10.2 and is not included with XP 10.3, see here.

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