I want to automatically assign a specific user group and modules to a new user. I was able to successfully assign the user group with DefaultUserGroups property, but I can't find how to assign the modules. Does anyone know how I can do this?


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By creating a User Sign-In script you can automatically assign modules when a user logs in

The below code is a rough attempt to automatically add the modules, this was just something to prove the concept.

var user = Context.User;
await user.LoadMembersAsync(null, new RelationLoadOption("ModuleToUser")).ConfigureAwait(false);
List<long> groups = new List<long>();
groups.Add(10464); // M.AssetType.Product
groups.Add(10460); // M.AssetType.Media
groups.Add(10463); // M.AssetType.Print
// update the user
await MClient.Entities.SaveAsync(user).ConfigureAwait(false);

This user sign-in automatically assigns the modules to the user. This code was to test out the concept and confirm we could update the modules.

Follow the blog for more details - https://timmarsh.co.uk/2023/02/17/sitecore-content-hub-assigning-modules-to-a-user-programmatically-on-sign-in/

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