I have superuser access and created a CMP Content Collection. Added an existing item of Type - Advertisement.
When I try to create an API key, it does nothing.

In the console I see this error -

500 "An internal server error occurred"


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In the `PublishingSettings", both "Publishing enabled" & "Auto publishing enabled" are checked.
I have clicked on both "Publish schema" & "Publish to Caas".

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  1. Please let me know what do these two CTAs ("Publish schema" & "Publish to Caas") do and when to use which. Is there an order of publish among these two.

If we have to do a parallel comparison with Sitecore CMS, is "Publish to Caas" like "Publish to web". If yes, then what is Publishing Schema.

  1. How to fix the API Key creation error.

When I load the content collection page, there is an error. Would this be related?

enter image description here

We have only one environment for Content Hub and its content is being used in live sites. So, this may not be a Sandbox.

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If you see the document provided for the Sitecore Content hub, here are the steps to configure your publishing settings given in this reference document.

Configure the publishing settings

The final steps say about these options are given below.

  • Click Publish schema to publish changes to the schema.
  • Click Publish all to CaaS to publish all publishable entities

And for your error, if you see the conversation given in the below thread, you will get to know that API creation is a known issue. So if you are using 4.0 sandbox then upgrade it to 4.0.1 and its solved already there.

While access preview API for Sitecore Content Hub, getting "HTTP ERROR 401" This page isn’t working error

  • The steps specified in the doc are obvious. I wanted to understand what they do and when. A parallel comparision to Sitecore CMS would have been helpful. The Environment is not a sandbox is being used for content on live sites. Is there a way I can confirm the version and if it is sandbox. Also, cd u pls specify how to go abt upgrading. Thank you.
    – sukesh
    Feb 21, 2023 at 8:27

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