On most ecommerce websites, the user has the ability to change the number of products at the last step of the order.

Question: How to update quantity of order items by using ADD, CONFIRM, CHECKOUT workflow?


  1. User add 1 product to order (send ADD event with "quantity": 1 ):enter image description here
  2. User changes product quantity to 5 (before checkout):

enter image description here

  1. Is expected that the quantity value can be changed in CONFIRM event, but it does not support quantity parameter, it only has product.item_id parameter (that is useful if user removes some items from cart).

If we don`t update quantity, and send CONFIRM + CHECHOUT events after step.2 we will get 1 item in order instead of 5: enter image description here

Solutions that I know:

  • send additional ADD event with updated quantity field (but then there is no point in the original/first ADD event, and it is not clear when to trigger it to avoid many duplicates in CDP);
  • use ORDER_CHECKOUT event (but then it makes no sense at all in the chain of ADD, CONFIRM, CHECKOUT events).

What is the best pratice to resolve this issue?

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You can send CLEAR_CART and ORDER_CHECKOUT on any change in quantity, to avoid duplication. A normal flow would follow in case of no change.

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