At the time of sitecore_master_index rebuild (full reindexing or on update) we can see multiple sitecore_master_index entries in the index job queue. Can anyone explain the reason for this?

enter image description here

url : websiteurl/sitecore/admin/jobs.aspx

enter image description here

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When you use syncMaster strategy for sitecore_master_index, every time you save something in master database (or Sitecore itself saves a page, like e.g. information about last execution or scheduled job, changing the state of EXM message, any datasource change), a new backed job is created to updated sitecore_master_index.

By default Sitecore does not allow to update same index in parallel. It means that when your sitecore_master_index is being fully rebuilt, for like 12 minutes - as on your screenshot, all the partial updates of index triggered by updates of single items, they will be queued.

So in summary: every queued job you see there means that there was a save of a Sitecore item in master database during the time your sitecore_master_index was being rebuilt.

  • Thank you so much for detail explanation, appreciate your help. Mar 10, 2023 at 18:27

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