We are having a Sitecore 10.3 XM NextJS docker instance. Sometimes Our Experience editor not loading properly in editing mode(loading like a regular page). This is intermittent though.

This is an issue with fields other than "Single line text" and "Rich text" fields. Please check below 2 screenshots. Sometimes when we reload the page this issue occurs.

enter image description hereenter image description here

The difference I found between 2 rendered HTMLs is, an additional input element is getting added in the non working one. PFB screenshot, enter image description here

I am also getting these hydration errors in console, enter image description here

  • Have you checked any errors logged in the console? 2 days ago
  • @SumitHelaiya - I am getting the react hydration errors in console. updated the screenshot above.
    – Rashmi936
  • See if this works - stackoverflow.com/questions/73162551/… 23 hours ago
  • Okay, I will check this. But as per my understanding this console error is harmless. It is always there in both working and non working conditions.
    – Rashmi936
    21 hours ago


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