Beginning with Sitecore 8.0, the Social Connected module became part of the main platform, and it now requires access to the third-party Komfo service. When a user clicks on the Social button on the Sitecore Dashboard, she is prompted to log on to Komfo, either with a Komfo account or with Google/Facebook.

I attempted to log in with both of these social services, but received this message: "You don't have access to our platform with the following accounts." There is no way to create a Komfo account; the only option presented is to "request a demo".

Komfo prompt

Is there a way to obtain a developer account? This is a significant barrier to developer discovery.

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To my knowledge, Sitecore/Komfo doesn't offer developer accounts yet. If you're aligned with a Sitecore Partner, the partner can get an account from their partner rep. That's how we got ours.

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