We have a JSS application deployed to XM Cloud portal (community).

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From Portal Dashboard when I go to Pages I am able to see the site preview as well.

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But when I go to Sites tab, it says no sites created yet.

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Because of this, I am unable to personalize anything. What are the steps to make my existing JSS application visible in the Sites tab?

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For Personalize to work, you need to create a site identifier and assign it to your website in the XM Cloud Dashboard Settings.

Steps to create a site identifier:

  1. Access your environment's Dashboard.

  2. In the Dashboard, click Settings.

    Alternatively, in the Dashboard, click Sites, and for the website of your choice, click the Action menu to access the site-specific settings.

  3. Click Create new.

  4. In the Create new site identifier dialog, enter a name for the identifier, such as the website address.

  5. In the drop-down list, click the language of the website that needs a site identifier.

  6. Optionally, enter the market and brand that describe the website best. For example, you could have a global website for brand X, or a Scandinavian website for brand Z.

  7. Click the up and down arrows from the Timeout field to indicate after how many minutes you want a browser session to time out as a result of inactivity. This time is set at 30 minutes by default, and it will not affect how Analyze and Personalize work in XM Cloud Pages.

  8. Click Save.

In the Dashboard Settings tab, the site identifier is now listed in the table and can be assigned to a website from your environment.

If you have created the identifier directly in the website-specific settings, it is assigned automatically to the website in the language selected.

Hope it helps!


Select the "Sites" tab in the menu on the left.

Find and click the button labeled "Register Site".

Input the necessary information in the "Register Site" window, including the site name, URL, and description.

In the "Site configuration" section, choose "Sitecore JavaScript Services" as the site type.

Provide the JSS application name in the "JSS App Name" field.

Enter the hostname of the JSS application in the "JSS App Host Name" field.

Click on the button to register the JSS application as a site on the XM Cloud portal.


It appears that the issue you're facing with the Sites tab indicating "no sites created yet" in the XM Cloud portal is likely due to the absence of a Headless Site collection (Headless tenant) and the associated headless site.

Ensure that you have created a Headless Site Collection using the OOTB option provided in XM Cloud. It seems from the provided information that the template used for creating the tenant might not be correct. Follow this documentation to see right way to create a website in XM Cloud. https://doc.sitecore.com/xmc/en/users/xm-cloud/create-websites.html

Once you have successfully created the headless site collection and associated headless site, make sure to create a site identifier and assign it to the website.


It appears that the "Home" item in the provided screenshot does not conform to the standard home item expected within the SXA scaffolding. However, this is not the primary concern.

To display the site in the Site list page (As displayed below) enter image description here

please ensure that under the site settings located at: /sitecore/content/Community/Settings/Site Grouping/Community you have correctly designated the starting page as indicated below:

This adjustment should resolve the issue for you and other community members. enter image description here

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