I am trying to configure listing component for example Event list of SXA with pagination, but I am unable to understand the usage of signature field.

List Signature - Signature is used to pair list with pagination component

What is this field used for?

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If you want to use Pagination with Page List or any other Paginable rendering:

  • EventList
  • FileList
  • PageList
  • EventCalendar

simply parse selected rendering with List Signature rendering parameter

enter image description here

SXA 1.1

It seems right now Pagination rendering works with Page List only so you cannot use it with different renderings (I've got errors on my instance).

  • Yes you're right I also get errors while using pagination with EventList, FileList. It is only working with page list.
    – Tahir Ali
    Commented Dec 19, 2016 at 9:47

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