In Solr GUI I am seeing that when I am in the analyzer tab, it is removing stop words and returning results. But when I try to retrieve same result using the Sitecore search API it is not removing stop words and returning results. Could someone please assist me in how I can return results with Sitecore api which removes stop words?

here is my api call:

ISearchIndex searchIndex = ContentSearchManager.GetIndex(IndexName);
IProviderSearchContext searchContext = searchIndex.CreateSearchContext();
filteredItem = searchContext.GetQueryable<SearchResult>();

The feature you are asking for is not really supported by Solr. The fields you return from (defined by the fl parameter - automatically calculated by Sitecore) define to Solr that you want the field value (retrieved from the stored fields in Solr) - which is the original value.

I have not tried to retrieve an unstored field - that might return the post-analysis field value - but I dont think so. you might get by using the analysis API (just like the admin does) - but from a performance perspective it might not be good.

I cannot imagine what the use case actually is? maybe hithilighting might help you get what you something usefult - but I am not sure what use case for this is.

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