This is my local machine running on Windows 11 Pro. It already has a Sitecore instance v10.1.2 with Solr-8.4.0 running on port 8983.

Now, I'm trying to install Sitecore 10.3. This has installed Solr-8.11.2 and I had specified port 8984.

During the 2/2 task of installation, it stops at this error.

enter image description here

When I browse the portal - `https://localhost:8984/solr', it loads fine and I can also see the indexes.

enter image description here

I could not find the sxa indices though!

The databases and the sites are also installed and I can browse the CMS & the site.

  1. What is the reason for this error.
  2. How can I check that the installation was successful.
  3. Even after selecting the checkbox to install SXA, it was not installed.


Unfortunately, the suggestions - increasing the delay & stopping anti-virus did not work.
SXA is not being installed.
The installation fail with the same error.


I have managed to install the instance by running the PowerShell script XP0-SingleDeveloper.ps1 instead of using the GUI.
However, this doesn't install SXA.
For that, I had to install separate packages for SXA & PowerShell Extensions.

  • Are you able to run the CMS and build the indexes? Apr 20, 2023 at 11:15
  • @SumitBhatia There was a solr exception when populating schema and rebuilding indexes for core index.
    – sukesh
    Apr 21, 2023 at 4:39

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You can try updating the value of PostDelay under the file Solr-SingleDeveloper.json so it will look like this.

"StartSolr": {
"Description" : "Starts the Solr service.",
            "Type": "ManageService",
                "Name": "[parameter('SolrService')]",
                "Status": "Running",
                "PostDelay": 15000

Refer to this article for this kind of issue while installation.

Unable to connect to the remote server

Hope this will work.

  1. You can try it out by disabling the antivirus. As per Martin miles experiment it could be the reason.

    After experiments, I found out that was an antivirus preventing such requests. Disabling it allowed cores to be installed well and the rest of the install script succeeded.

  2. You can validate the CMS instance and log files to validate if the instance looks good or not.

Refer link: Unable to connect to Solr server, while it is available

Hope it helps!

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