Any idea how can we add built-in rules in user group policies of content hub?

There are few built-in rules added in our content hub production instance and I just wanted to replicate them in our lower environment, but could not find how to do that.

Screenshot of built in rule(Production).

enter image description here

Note: These built-in rules are not allowing me to update any check boxes.


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I was able to figure this out.

You can not add these rules directly into the user group policies, These are automatically created when you add users/groups to a collection.

Ex: When you go to a collection page there is a link called User access at top right of the page.

enter image description here

Once you click on it, it will open a popup and give you the option to add user/user groups who can access this collection.

enter image description here

Once you add any user group, these inbuilt rule will be added to that user group policies automatically.

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