I am getting this error when the datsource model have sitecore image field. the below code written in the .cshtml file and the model is binding via Glass mapper.

 var var1 = @Html.Raw(Json.Encode(Model));

any help to resolve this issue

  • Do not serialize the whole Model. Serialize only what you need from that model
    – Marek Musielak
    May 19 at 11:53
  • model is common and have so many fields. if any of the field is sitecore Image type, problem is coming
    – shahul
    May 22 at 9:40

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Solution above Sumit provided will also works for you, you can try below things as well.

  1. Apply [JsonIgnore] to navigational properties

  2. In global.asax GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.Formatters.JsonFormatter.SerializerSettings.ReferenceLoopHandling = Newtonsoft.Json.ReferenceLoopHandling.Ignore;

  3. Serialize the data

string json = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(gridDataResult.GridData, Formatting.None);
return Json(json, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

Hope this as well and do not serialize whole modal only serialize whatever needed from modal.

Hope this helps.

  • I have to use Sitecore "Image" data type. I don't have control to modify any properties to add [JsonIgmore].
    – shahul
    May 24 at 5:52

It seems that there are circular references in your object hierarchy which is not supported by the JSON serializer. You could pick up only the properties you need in the view:

I would suggest you to create a class like this for Image and bind the image properties.

public class DataItemImage
    public string ID { get; set; }
    public string Source { get; set; }
    public string Width { get; set; }
    public string Height { get; set; }
    public string Alt { get; set; }

    public DemoDataItemImage(Sitecore.Data.Fields.ImageField obj)
        string mediaUrl = Sitecore.Resources.Media.MediaManager.GetMediaUrl(obj.MediaItem);
        ID = obj.MediaItem.ID.ToString();
        Source = mediaUrl;
        Width = obj.Width;
        Height = obj.Height;
        Alt = obj.Alt;

And then use this to create the Json object.

Hope this helps.

  • Yes this may work but currenlty I am using glass mapper and Image field to map sitecore fields. is there any way to use same without circular issue
    – shahul
    May 22 at 9:43
  • @shahul Did you try this? var list = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(model, Formatting.None, new JsonSerializerSettings() { ReferenceLoopHandling = Newtonsoft.Json.ReferenceLoopHandling.Ignore }); May 22 at 10:17

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