I need to change the size of the batches during the index rebuild. The most suitable setting I've found is ContentSearch.Update.BatchSize with the description:

The size of document batch before flushing to the database.

Am I right that this setting is applicable not only for updating an index, but on rebuild, too?

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Yes, you're right.

This settings is a general setting that is used by SolrBatchUpdateContext class.

It's used both for partial updates and for full index rebuild.

With that setting (and ContentSearch.Update.BatchModeEnabled setting set to true ) you can specify how big should be the batches of documents sent to Solr.

<setting name="ContentSearch.Update.BatchModeEnabled" value="true" />

BatchModeEnabled is set to true by default and BatchSize has default value 100 (or in some version it's 50 if it's not filled in config).

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