I have a local install of NextJS & SC 10.2. The site is running via docker with a setup that is mostly similar to this example: https://github.com/Sitecore/docker-examples/blob/develop/getting-started/docker-compose.yml

My local endpoints are:

  • cd.mysite.localhost
  • cm.mysite.localhost
  • id.mysite.localhost
  • hrz.mysite.localhost

I can also view the site via localhost:3000. On that endpoint, I see the static assets correctly being loaded from my local:

localhost asset sources

However, when I view my CM site in Experience Editor, the static assets are instead fetched from an upstream publicly accessible Vercel endpoint rather than from my local development endpoint.

Vercel static assets

This source corresponds to a historical Vercel build preview site. I have searched extensively for where this endpoint might be originating from. As far as I can tell, it's not referenced in any of my local code, docker compose files, configs, environment files, and I found no hits when text searching the inetpub directory of the CM container.

I also added this Sitecore config change, but the results are still the same.


Where might the Vercel endpoint be coming from, and which config/environment settings must be adjusted to use my local assets instead?

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Editing Host Configuration

In SXA (< 10.3) and Headless SXA (> 10.3 or XM Cloud) you configure your Editing Host within the Site Settings item.

/sitecore/content/<<Site Collection Name>>/<<Site Name>>/Settings

The fields of interest to you are:

  • Server side rendering engine endpoint URL
  • ServerSideRenderingEngineApplicationUrl

server side rendering engine fields

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