For a long time, .Net was a primary technology for Sitecore CEP/XP. Usually, Sitecore developers used WebForms or MVC for building websites on top of Sitecore XP and easily extended or changed the behavior of it according to customer needs that was a killer feature and at the same time a pain point during upgrades to the new major version of Sitecore XP.

Sitecore did a significant jump during the last 5 years when introduced Sitecore Headless (JSS + Asp.Net Core), XM Cloud, and acquired a number of products/solutions that allows building applications using mostly JS frameworks like Next.JS etc.

So, is it still make sense to learn .Net for new projects, especially for developers who didn't work with Sitecore before, or it is better to use JS frameworks to build new web applications in a long-term perspective?


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