jss start:connected command is also not working,

I used following comands jss setup jss deploy config jss deploy app -c -d

  "sitecore": {
    "instancePath": "C:\\inetpub\\wwwroot\\adac11sc.dev.local",
    "apiKey": "{0CE3552A-3647-405E-9BCF-9A4A86DA90D8}",
    "deploySecret": "ruxi40eig744rht68tz5cvypn2m6pfdc16xy01htuf",
    "deployUrl": "http://sitecore-jss-app.dev.local/sitecore/api/jss/import",
    "layoutServiceHost": "http://sitecore-jss-app.dev.local"

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There might be serveral possibilites and hope the following can helps:

  1. Check your configuration, to ensure your sitecore.apiKey and sitecore.layoutServiceHost config values set correctly and match.
  2. Verify you can get JSON response from accessing the URL like http://[your instance domain]/sitecore/api/layout/render/jss?item=/&sc_apikey={API_KEY}
  3. Ensure your content are all published successfully. And make sure bundle and manifest files have been generated.
  4. Check the JSS app's logs for more details .

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