We are using Sitecore CLI as our serialization tool and we are trying to serialize Sitecore Items on the Item level under the Developer tab in Ribbon.

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We are trying to replicate how Unicorn Serializes and Deserializes Items on Item Level from CMS.

Is it possible to serialize and deserialize?

  1. single item on click of Serialize Item or Update Item
  2. tree on click of Serialize Tree or Update Tree

When we are using Sitecore CLI on our site?


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Yes, it should be possible. Sitecore Content Serialization has a scope property where it can have any of the following values:

  • SingleItem
  • ItemAndChildren
  • ItemAndDescendants
  • DescendantsOnly

So in your *.module.json configuration file, you can have

  "namespace": "Sitecore.DevEx.NuGetResourcesExample",
  "description": "Content serialization example",
  "items": {
    "includes": [
        "name": "Content",
        "path": "/sitecore/content/home"
        "scope": "SingleItem"

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