I have requirement to setup theme for new microsite in our sitecore-SXA project so follow below steps do it, and it works fine too.

  1. npm config set @sxa:registry https://sitecore.myget.org/F/sc-npm-packages/npm/

  2. npm i -g @sxa/CLI

  3. sxa register your-site-url

  4. sxa new yourThemeName

  • In this step it asks various things related to setup new Theme and one of them is to provide path of new theme.
  • As it was my Theme setup so not sure that should i give whole path or relative to media library. So i gave full path like /sitecore/content/..../media library/....
  1. If Sitecore is installed locally then go to Website\App_Config\Include\z.Feature.Overrides and enable the z.SPE.Sync.Enabler.Gulp.config.disabled file.

  2. Go to your workspace folder

cd C:\workspace\haynesboone\yourThemeName npm install

  1. Run default task to watch all files, compile, and upload to Sitecore: gulp

    Run watch all to compile all files without uploading to Sitecore: gulp watchAll

Everything works fine and when ran gulp command it compiled file and uploaded minified file in yourThemeName folder, but this folder was created in sitecore under Media Library/Themes/sitecore/content......., that means instead of reading whole path and creating customthemefolder under Themes, it create whole structure again. It is not what i want, so how can i correct the custom theme folder path?

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Its solution lies in serverConfig.json. In your front end code go to YourProjectFolder\yourThemeName\gulp location and open "serverConfig.json". Do below steps:

  • update serverOptions property, make sure it contains path w.r.t. Themes in CMS, "serverOptions": { "projectPath": "\Themes\FolderContainingTheme", "themePath": "\yourThemeName" }
  • Save the file and close the terminal
  • Now again open the editor (VS Code in my case) and run the gulp command
  • Check your CMS it will create and upload files in Themes/FolderContainingTheme/yourThemeName

There may be some other way to change it but this one worked for me .... :)

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