We would like to add one div at the top of #wrapper in Sitecore SXA 1.8.

enter image description here

Would like to add extra div through Content Editor. I don't want to add in layout view.

I tried to add metadata partial design to add div at the top of #wrapper under body-top placeholder and added under Page Designs. It is showing on the page and working fine. Same scenario I need it into the Partial Design. There , we don't have any provision to add metadata partial design in Partial design. So I have added rendering at Partial design in Presentation tab Details button and provided body-top placeholder to it.

enter image description here

Only concern here, we will use body-top placeholder for metadata partial design as it shows there. Can we use this placeholder in partial design as it does not show there but when we add rendering through Presentation tab then it shows in html.

Partial Design :-

enter image description here

Metadata Partial Design :-

enter image description here


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One thing to note here is, if you add anything in partial design, those placeholder will be locked and you might get into troubleshooting as to why ADD HERE button is not showing up and placeholder when you edit page item and it will be locked for editing


see above blog I faced similar issue, Hope it helps !!!

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