I am a newbie here. I was editing the .env file for adding the graphQLEndpoints. But in between something broke and I got this error.

This is the error I am getting in Front End side

This is the experience editor of Sitecore

This is the scjssconfig.json file

  "sitecore": {
    "instancePath": "C:\\inetpub\\wwwroot\\rengokusc.dev.local",
    "apiKey": "ED741CD3-65AB-495F-9510-************",
    "deploySecret": "c2431oi1tk5a4k2cg5usr7jfxgtpqew396********",
    "deployUrl": "https://rengokusc.dev.local/sitecore/api/jss/import",
    "layoutServiceHost": "https://rengokusc.dev.local/"

I am using NextJS, Sitecore 10.3 (SXA with headless).

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Guys, I got the solution!! I am writing it down below:

After adding this GRAPH_QL_ENDPOINT=/sitecore/api/graph/edge to the .env file, the error occurred.

Cause: I provided only path as the endpoint, you need to give the whole endpoint with site URL and path included. And if you check in src/temp/config.js you can see all the configurations for the project.

This was just some silly mistake, but learnt something new 🙂.


I also faced same issue during XM Cloud local setup

In my case to resolve this issue added some configuration in .env file, So first check bellow configuration in .env file

# To secure the Sitecore editor endpoint exposed by your Next.js app recommend an alphanumeric value of at least 16 characters.
# Your Sitecore API key is needed to build the app.
# Your Sitecore API hostname is needed to build the app.
3.SITECORE_API_HOST= Your SITECORE_API_HOST like // https://xmcloudcm.localhost
# Your GraphQL Edge endpoint. This is required for Sitecore Experience Edge.
4.GRAPH_QL_ENDPOINT=Your GRAPH_QL_ENDPOINT like // https://xmcloudcm.localhost/sitecore/api/graph/edge
# Your Sitecore site name.
# Timeout (ms) for Sitecore CDP requests to respond within. Default is 400.
# Timeout (ms) for Sitecore Experience Edge requests to respond within. Default is 400.

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