In XM Cloud I created a project and environment cloning the foundation head repo as a starter kit.

I ran the init.ps1, ran npm install and exchanged the package references in .env as I'm running Windows 10.

I connect my local running code with XM Cloud Preview Endpoint running

npm run start:connected

When calling the site on localhost:3000 I get the following Error:

XM Cloud runtime error

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I faced the same error while doing my initial setup with XMCloud. Please note, the name of the site is case-sensitive, so set the proper value in JSS_APP_NAME.

If it is still not fixed, please try the site name without any space.


As the error message states the site is not correctly resolved in CdpPageView.tsx. It seems that the value set in .env file is not correctly picked up and the default value is taken from config.jsenter image description here

Just name this value to your app_name or sitename.

This has been addressed with the Product Team and is currently being fixed.

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