If my search keyword is 'test,' then my document is 'testtesttest.' How can I get the result to show that the number of occurrences is 3 in Solr?"

Unfortunately, the result I am getting shows a term frequency of 0 in Solr when I use the query q= test with the term function termfreq(section_title_t,test').

Please help. Thank you

  • have you tried writing your query like this q=*test* ?
    – Richard Seal
    Aug 7, 2023 at 18:36
  • Hello Alexng, did you find the solution to this ? We are in a same situation, let us know, if you found a way around.
    – D J
    Nov 14, 2023 at 9:24

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In order to show the result of termfreq() in the solr dashboard as a separate field, you can use the fl= syntax as specified here: https://solr.apache.org/guide/8_3/function-queries.html

You can use the controls available in the SOLR dashboard to generate the URL for you.


First of all you need to add a standard query. Look for the box on the dashboard that has the q above and add something similar to:


Fields to return

Look for the box with fl and add something similar to below:

_uniqueid, termfreq(section_title,'test')

Note I added a uniqueid to differentiate, but you would most likely change to title field or something.


This might not be strictly be necessary in your situation, but if you are using a broader search query, then you need to ensure the results with higher matches are displayed. In this situation, look for the sort box and add something similar to:

termfreq(section_title,'test') desc

Execute Query

Now when you hit the Execute Query button, it will generate the correct URL with query specified. Yours should look something like this:


Working Example:

Please see screenshot below demonstrating this working as per above.

enter image description here

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