I have a mandatory file upload field in Sitecore forms that should be disabled based on a condition of a dropdown field. Even after making the mandatory upload field optional, Sitecore is still expecting a file to be uploaded.

Is there any way to overcome this issues? Kindly find the screenshot for reference.

enter image description here


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This is a known issue in sitecore forms. Please follow the below workaround.

As you can see the fxb.30da5a39-2ca9-487a-89c5-5b9f4328569f.Fields[2a03d066-f884-4106-8bf3-b5c18e79e287] field is my Single Line Text field. Now if I wanted to post the form without the required field data, then I’d just change the posted form data to my liking: enter image description here


  • This is a link-only answer. Please provide detail so that the answer can be understood without leaving the SSE site.
    – Marek Musielak
    Aug 22, 2023 at 6:53

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