I created a new XM1 developer environment using the official Container Deployment Package, using PowerShell 7.3.6 elevated. After running Compose-Init.ps1 and docker compose up -d, when trying to hit https://xm1cm.localhost I receive a certificate error, because the site is served using the Traefik Default Certificate, rather than the signed one created by the compose-init.ps1 process. Examining the Traefik logs shows this error:

level=error msg="Unable to append certificate -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\r\n[key removed]\r\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----\r\n to store: unable to generate TLS certificate : tls: failed to parse private key" tlsStoreName=default

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This appears to be related to an incompatibility with SitecoreDockerTools and PowerShell 7.3. A colleague (Jason Bert) was able to get past this by running with PowerShell 5.1 (though I run into a separate issue there).

I was able to resolve this by using the "mkcert" utility as documented here:


mkcert -cert-file traefik\certs\xm1cm.localhost.crt -key-file traefik\certs\xm1cm.localhost.key "xm1cm.localhost"

for CM, CD, and ID roles.

Reported to Sitecore as a defect (CS0399761).

** When I tried to run compose-init.ps1 with PowerShell 5.1, I ran into this error:

> A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 

So neither PowerShell 5.1 nor 7.3 runs cleanly.

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