I am facing an issue with External login using google. We have login using google feature on the website

I have used this blog to implement google login. I am able to redirect the user to gmail on clicking the google login button on the sitecore website and receive the response(user profile) back in Sitecore. But after receiving the response, I am not able to create user in sitecore as the create user method(Sitecore.Security.Accounts.User.User.Create(fullName, password);) does not register the user without password. As this is external login so I don't have password. I just get name and email of the user from gmail

I don't want to use Sitecore federated authentication as I have to enable federated authentication in the Sitecore configuration.

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In your situation, you might find a virtual user is more appropriate. You can create as below:

string domain = "external";

Sitecore.Security.Accounts.User user =
    AuthenticationManager.BuildVirtualUser(string.Format(@"{0}\{1}", domain, loginInfo.Email), true);



Some useful references here:

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