I am using XMCloud on my local docker instance, but it locked my user after entering my cloud logins multiple times (by mistake). now when I am running my local URL to log into Sitecore it shows an error that the User is locked out. I can log into the cloud portal in all environments, but this is only on local. So far I tried multiple options including up and down the instance. Do we have any option to resolve the locked-out user or any alternative way to log in using an admin account?

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If you have a sql management studio or something similar, please follow this steps. First find your docker network by:

docker network ls

then find out the IP of the Sql server using the docker inspect, for example:

docker inspect [Your Network Name or ID]

docker inspect xmcloud_default

which will show you the internal IP of the SQL:

   "93a5e82efb3a1ec6a14d91033564975d9b16c3eb82d8455e7141d35416f0233d": {
            "Name": "xmcloud-cm-1",
            "EndpointID": "49131e48c6ed7759b1e7a871b0979130c1cbb4bb504a2a26105d6679eaf606cb",
            "MacAddress": "00:15:5d:a7:c5:07",
            "IPv4Address": "",
            "IPv6Address": ""
        "ee4b0eb869c7d5897372e6096ba22f0ac8bbb3805211932b5ead52ca9f4bf78d": {
            "Name": "xmcloud-mssql-1",
            "EndpointID": "8394fe5b5ecd2d56d3685202fd31c745c2df9e3bdd7ae801bec32aca940413df",
            "MacAddress": "00:15:5d:a7:c4:29",
            "IPv4Address": "",
            "IPv6Address": ""

Open the SQL management studio and connect to SQL using the ip ( The username is sa and password is in your .env file variable SQL_SA_PASSWORD.

Find your user in aspnet_Membership table from Sitecore.Core database and set the IsLockedout to false.

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