I just tried to create a new Scaffold component but when run for example: npm run scaffold -- MyComponent, i receive Cannot find module './scaffold-component.ts' Require stack:.

Any idea to fix it? Thank you.

[email protected] scaffold

ts-node --project tsconfig.scripts.json scripts/scaffold-component.ts MyComponent

node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1080 throw err; ^

Error: Cannot find module './scaffold-component.ts'

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Please check if scaffold-component.ts is present in your application under Scripts (scripts/scaffold-component.ts) folder. This scaffold file is to use for creating the new components. Before creating a component, you must check whether the NextJs application is running properly. Use npm run start:connected to run the NextJS application. If the application is running properly, please try to scaffold new component- npm run scaffold -- MyComponent



The issue I found with this is related to the path of scaffold-component script. The path provided in sxastarter project's package.json is incorrect. There actually is no file called scaffold-component.ts within scripts folder. Check the folder structure below.

Scripts folder structure


To resolve the path, update the following line within your package.json enter image description here


"scaffold": "ts-node --project tsconfig.scripts.json scripts/scaffold-component/index.ts"

Which now will have the correct path.

You should now be able to run jss scaffold MyComponent or npm run scaffold -- MyComponent

Hope this helps.

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