I'm using Sitecore Search. I was able to index content and inquire about that through the REST API.

I've an issue, when I open the Sitecore Search Analytics Tab every counter is 0, like the following image:

enter image description here

How do I enable the Sitecore Search Analytics for the site?

Any of the Analytics counters should show a value greater than 0? When?

When the user searches for a keyword? Or maybe I need to register an event by calling the Event API immediately after doing the search?

When does the counter "Requests" increase its value?

Thanks in advance community

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Correct, the Sitecore Search uses the Events for generating analytic dashboards, insights into your search performance and even driving personalisation. So, to track your visitor interactions with the search functionality you must call the Events API and correctly pass the associated Event object to it.

Here is a simple example of how to track an event with the Events API:

POST /event/{ckey}/v4/publish
      "name": "<event name>",
      "action": "<event action>",
      "action_sub_type": "<event action subtype>",
      "client_time_ms": xxx,
      "user_id": "<unique ID of visitor>",
      "value": {
        "context": {
          "browser": {
            "app_type": "browser",
            "device": "<mobile_desktop>",
            "user_agent": "<user_agent>"
          "geo": {
            "ip": "xx.xx.xx.xx"
          "page": {
            "uri": "<URL of the current page>"
        "entities": [
              "entity_type": "content, product",
              "id": "<External unique identifier for the entity>",
              "uri": "<URI of the entity>"

Read more about how to track events using the Events API here.

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