I have to generate a list of all fields in a template with 3 columns, FieldName, Section of that field, and the name of the template that field is inherited from using Sitecore PowerShell


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here is the sample code

# Function to get the template from which a field is inherited
function GetInheritedTemplate($fieldName, $template) {
    $fieldItem = Get-Item -Path "master:" -Query "/sitecore/templates//*[@@templateid='$($template.ID)']/*[@@fieldname='$fieldName']"
    if ($fieldItem -ne $null) {
        $inheritedTemplate = $fieldItem."__Source".Split('|')[-1]
        $inheritedTemplateItem = Get-Item -Path "master:" -ID $inheritedTemplate
        if ($inheritedTemplateItem -ne $null) {
            return $inheritedTemplateItem.Name
    return ""

# Get all templates
$templates = Get-Item -Path "master:" -Query "/sitecore/templates//*[@@templatename='YourTemplateName']"

# Output header for the list

# Loop through each template
foreach ($template in $templates) {
    $templateName = $template.Name
    # Get all fields of the template
    $fields = $template.Template.Fields | Where-Object { $_.Type -ne "Section" }
    # Loop through fields
    foreach ($field in $fields) {
        $fieldName = $field.Name
        $section = $field.Section.Name
        # Get the inherited template for the field
        $inheritedTemplate = GetInheritedTemplate $fieldName $template
        # Output field details

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