I am working with Sitecore 10 and using powershell 6.2 version when trying to publish an item to multiple targets at a time, getting an error while using this SPE code:

 Publish-Item -Item $item -Target "web","wed cd1"
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For this to work, you need to provide target attribute in publish command. It accepts list so as you have multiple target then provide them accordingly.


get-item '/sitecore/content/path' | publish-item -target @('web','web.staging')

if it is single database then you can simple give it as string :

get-item '/sitecore/content/path' | publish-item -target @('web') or get-item '/sitecore/content/path' | publish-item -target 'web' Hope this will solve your problem

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    It Works, Thank You !!
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If publishing from content editor wors fine then it should also work from powershell . You can use next powershell code (you need to change item path) :

$targets = [string[]]@('web','internet')
Publish-Item -Path master:\content\home -Target $targets

If you go to https://doc.sitecorepowershell.com/appendix/common/publish-item, it has an exact example that shall serve your purpose.All you need to do is put the targets in an array (rather than supplying them as comma separated strings)-

PS master:\> $targets = [string[]]@('web','internet')
PS master:\> Publish-Item -Path master:\content\home -Target $targets

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