On our XM Cloud site built using Nextjs the URL for media items is structured as follows: https://edge.sitecorecloud.io/prod/media/project/videos/video1 and it currently works correctly. However, my goal is to serve the media assets from the site URL like https://xyz.com/prod/media/project/videos/video1.

I attempted URL rewriting to achieve this, but when I tested the modified URL https://xyz.com/prod/media/project/images/image1 it resulted in a 404 error.

Note: we've managed to accomplish the configuration for images using Next/Image through the following code:

import Image from 'next/image'

Any suggestions on how to approach the media URL configuration to meet my requirement and serve the media assets from the site domain?

  • What values do you have you set for the "Target hostname" and "Hostname" fields in "sitecore/content/<site collection>/<site>/Settings/Site Grouping/<site>"? Nov 28, 2023 at 14:23


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