In SPE I need to create a report where each record has a link. When the link is clicked additional parameters are provided to the second report.

How would I go about creating such a report?

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I noticed while reviewing the official SPE docs that it's possible to add custom links into the report.

Start by creating a script module containing your primary and secondary reports.

First Example

Contents of Second Report

Get-Item -Path "master:" -ID $parameter1 | Select-Object -Property * | Show-ListView -Property Name, ID, ItemPath

Contents of First Report

Import-Function Render-ReportField

$script = Get-Item -Path "master:" -ID "{6BC2FA09-3733-4B3F-9D6C-6F7FA8EE20D7}"

$props = @{
    Property = @(
        @{Label="More"; Expression={ Render-ScriptInvoker $script @{parameter1=$_.ID;} "Run Second Report" }.GetNewClosure() }
    InfoTitle = "Report Reporter"
    InfoDescription = "More details"

Get-ChildItem -Path "master:\content\home" -WithParent | Show-ListView @props


  • The first report uses Render-ScriptInvoker to execute another script.
  • The expression takes the script item, parameters made available in the script, and the display text.
  • The use of GetNewClosure() is so that we can leverage $_ in the hashtable used for splatting with Show-ListView.
  • Not sure why, but using Show-ListView in the second report script required me to use explicit property names rather than relying on the default values or using *. SPE must be reusing a list of property names.

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