I am looking for a process in the case that content in XM Cloud gets deleted / wiped by mistake. Is there a point in time restore function available (even if it's only via Sitecore Support)?

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At the time of this, the only option is via Sitecore Support.

I do know that point-in-time self service functionality is on the roadmap, that would allow you to "snapshot" an environment and later restore that snapshot. But I do not know the timetable for this functionality.

  • What kind of backup frequency / window is the Sitecore Support restore option? Per minute / hour / 4 hours? Dec 11, 2023 at 3:42
  • I do believe it's a rolling backup. But you would need to double check that in an SLA somewhere before putting a gamble on it :D
    – Mark Cassidy
    Dec 11, 2023 at 8:02
  • 1
    Backup and DR is covered by the SaaS product SLA here: sitecore.com/legal/sla/saas
    – Richard Seal
    Dec 11, 2023 at 14:41
  • @RichardSeal it's covered in respect to major outages or DR scenarios. But it doesn't cover "oops I deleted this section of the content tree and the recycle bin restore didn't restore everything". Dec 11, 2023 at 21:51

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