I have duplicated the site to create new site. I am seeing on new site some values in drop down are coming from existing site. I want to find list of items and fields for which value are coming from old site. How we can achieve this.

  • Hi Aman, welcome to SSE. Is this SXA site ? Dec 14, 2023 at 11:50
  • No. Its not SXA Site
    – aman
    Dec 14, 2023 at 11:56

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You can use this approach and update the script accordingly. To compare two Sitecore instances and find duplicate items based on a specific field, you can create a PowerShell script that retrieves items from both sites and compares the values of the chosen field. Here's an example script to get you started:

# Site A
$siteAPath = "/sitecore/content/SiteA"
$siteAField = "Title"

# Site B
$siteBPath = "/sitecore/content/SiteB"
$siteBField = "Title"

# Get items from Site A
$siteAItems = Get-ChildItem -Path $siteAPath -Recurse

# Get items from Site B
$siteBItems = Get-ChildItem -Path $siteBPath -Recurse

# Hashtable to store encountered field values in Site A
$siteAFieldValues = @{}

# List to store duplicate items
$duplicateItems = @()

# Populate hashtable for Site A
foreach ($siteAItem in $siteAItems) {
    $fieldValue = $siteAItem[$siteAField]
    $siteAFieldValues[$fieldValue] = $true

# Compare with items from Site B
foreach ($siteBItem in $siteBItems) {
    $fieldValue = $siteBItem[$siteBField]

    # Check if the field value already exists in Site A hashtable
    if ($siteAFieldValues.ContainsKey($fieldValue)) {
        # Duplicate found, add to the list
        $duplicateItems += @{
            "SiteAItem" = $siteAFieldValues[$fieldValue]
            "SiteBItem" = $siteBItem

# Output the list of duplicate items

Modify the paths ($siteAPath and $siteBPath) and fields ($siteAField and $siteBField) according to your specific Sitecore instances and the field you want to check for duplicates. The script will output a list of items that have duplicate values in the specified field across the two sites.

Hope this helps.

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