I have an existing SXA project with a custom theme, in my local machine.
I have made changes in the gallery.js file.

Path: D:\Projects\External\MyProject\theme\-\media\Themes\MyProject\Shared\Shared Theme\scripts\components\gallery.js


enter image description here

Then I executed these commands - sxa build Js & sxa upload Js.

enter image description here

I'm expecting the changes to go into the CMS item - /sitecore/media library/Themes/MyProject/Shared/Shared Theme/Scripts/pre-optimized-min, but unfortunately they didn't.

enter image description here

What is the correct way to push script/css changes into the CMS item.

Using Sitecore 10.1.3

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You can disable minification and debugging to see if your JS updates reflect correctly.

To change the optimization settings for a specific site. In the Content Editor, navigate to sitecore/content/<Tenant>/<Site>/Presentation/Page Designs.

In the Asset Optimization section, in the Styles Optimizing Enabled and Scripts Optimizing Enabled fields, to override styles and scripts optimization settings, select:

  • Default – to inherit global settings

  • Yes – to always enable optimization for this site.

  • No – to always disable optimization for this site.

enter image description here

Select Script Optimisation Enabled to No and try again to validate it.

Hope it helps!

  • I set Scripts Optimising Enabled to No. But sxa build Js still says Js Minification Done. Executing sxa upload Js after that has no change when pre-optimized.min.js loads on page.
    – sukesh
    Commented Dec 26, 2023 at 2:44

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