I've got a prerendering error that's breaking my builds, and I can't figure out how to track down where in the code the issue is because the error message is so generic when this happens:

Error: Error serializing .componentProps["bdb88b2b-cc25-49a2-8012-85817aacef25"].result.children returned from getStaticProps in "/[[...path]]". Reason: undefined cannot be serialized as JSON. Please use null or omit this value.

There's obviously null data being passed into a rendering that's unable to handle it, but how can I figure out which rendering is the issue when there's about 40 renderings on the page? The call stack doesn't refer to any specific tsx renderings, and the ID in .componentProps["bdb88b2b-cc25-49a2-8012-85817aacef25"] isn't a Sitecore ID so far as I can tell.

Call Stack
file:///C:/Dev/Site/src/rendering/node_modules/next/dist/lib/is- serializable-props.js (36:19)
serializable-props.js (43:66)

enter image description here

  • I will suggest, check the components which are using the child elements and add the null handling OR remove the rendering one by one from page and identify the component
    – Amit Kumar
    Jan 6 at 19:50


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