When I am initiating Sitecore JSS app with Nextjs,

npx create-sitecore-jss --templates nextjs,nextjs-sxa --appName sitecore-nextjs-app --hostName s102demo1cm.dev.local --fetchWith GraphQL 

./Sitecore folder just has config folder, however, when I am trying to deploy items with following command:

jss deploy app -c -d

It is looking for pipelines folder and definitions folder and throwing errors:

JSS is creating a manifest for sitecore-jss-site to ./sitecore/manifest...
Enabling TypeScript transpilation for the manifest...
path or pattern './sitecore/pipelines/**/*.patch.js' did not match any files.
path or pattern './sitecore/pipelines/**/*.patch.ts' did not match any files.
Error generating manifest Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir


JSS is creating a manifest for sitecore-jss-site to ./sitecore/manifest...
Error generating manifest Error: Unable to load manifest require C:\kk\JSS\sitecore-jss-site\sitecore\definitions\config.js: Error: Cannot find module 'C:\kk\JSS\sitecore-jss-site\sitecore\definitions\config.js'
Require stack:

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You can generate a JSS app `manifest manually, by running the JSS CLI command jss manifest.

The command jss manifest has options that enable modifying how the manifest generates, such as --includeContent to add content and routes data to the manifest. Run jss manifest --help to see all the options with descriptions.

Manifest does not include content, media, or dictionary items by default for safety, in case a content editor has changed the data. To include these items, run jss manifest --includeContent --includeDictionary to include everything.

Reference Links:

Generating a JSS app manifest file

Sitecore JavaScript Rendering SDK CLI Tools API reference

Hope it helps!

  • Manifest can generate manifest folder but not definitions Commented Jan 11 at 21:19

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