During Sitecore MVC time, we can customize the LanguageResolver to map custom language to the supported language. For example, whenever I type in /sc my custom resolver can map sc to zh-CN.

As we are moving to Sitecore XM Cloud, our frontend NextJS is making graphQL request to get the content. I tried using the old way to map sc to zh-CN but not working because the old way is to detect the language in the URL path and querystring (sc_lang).

Below is the graphQL which I'm going to use, would like to know which pipeline should I customize in order to map sc language to zh-CN in Sitecore.

query {
  # path can be an item tree path or GUID-based id
      path: "/sitecore/content/Home", 
      language: "sc"
      ) {

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xmCloud has support for creating custom languages, it does not depend on the standard predefined cultures of .net framework anymore. Please check this blog: https://www.ashournia.com/new-xmcloud-language-localizations/

As I understand, you want to create a non-standard culture like: en-XX, it should not be an issue using xmcloud and is supported out of the box.


  • I wanted to map /sc to /zh-CN, tried your recommendation, still not working..
    – WenHao
    Commented Jan 15 at 6:09

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