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I have tried rebuilding the solution and deploying it. The deploy task finishes but I get the above error when the unicorn sync begins as the site cannot be accessed. I've searched online and cannot see any record of someone having a similar issue, can anyone offer any advice to troubleshoot this?

  • as per the screenshot, getEDMmodel called more than one time. could you find it where it is called? check the all route config Commented Jan 23 at 15:39

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I had this error after updating from Sitecore v9.1 to v10.3.1. This error appeared after publishing my solution to my new Sitecore v10.3.1 instance. I was able to resolve it by first looking through each of the assembly references found within the fresh v10.3.1 Web.config and updating my NuGet packages to match. This error is particular was resolved after updating the Sitecore Nuget packages to v10.3.1. After rebuilding and republishing the error was resolved.

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