Using Sitecore 10.1.3

We have an existing application which uses both SXA default & custom renderings. There are 100+ renderings and many are not in use any more.

For each rendering, I would check Navigate > Links. For some, I could see the page item reference but some refer to .../Presentation/Available renderings.

And some references are Partial Designs.

So, it is challenging to find out which renderings are actually being used in page items.

Is there a quick way to find out, like a Powershell script.

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If want to know How many times is each rendering used for a specific website. You can use the below Powershell Script with more information for each rendering.

  1. Open PowerShell ISE (You can found this in /sitecore/shell/ menu, Development Tools, PowerShell ISE
  2. Copy past the script below.
  3. Save as "How many times is each rendering used for a specific website" below Script Library/SPE/Reporting/Content Reports/Reports/Solution Audit
        How many times is each rendering used in your solution?
        copy from www.stockpick.nl
Import-Function Render-ReportField
filter IsRendering {
    # Look for Controller and View renderings
    $renderingIds = @("{2A3E91A0-7987-44B5-AB34-35C2D9DE83B9}","{99F8905D-4A87-4EB8-9F8B-A9BEBFB3ADD6}")
    if(($renderingIds -contains $_.TemplateID)) { $_; return }
$database = "master"
# Renderings Root
$renderingsRootItem = Get-Item -Path "$($database):{32566F0E-7686-45F1-A12F-D7260BD78BC3}"
$websiteRootItem = Get-Item -Path "$($database):{0DE95AE4-41AB-4D01-9EB0-67441B7C2450}"
$props = @{
    Parameters = @(
        @{Name="websiteRootItem"; Title="Choose the report root"; Tooltip="Only items from this root will be returned."; }
        Title = "Items With Component Report"
        Description = "Choose the website for the report."
        Width = 650
        Height = 250
        ShowHints = $true
        Icon = [regex]::Replace($PSScript.Appearance.Icon, "Office", "OfficeWhite", [System.Text.RegularExpressions.RegexOptions]::IgnoreCase)
    $result = Read-Variable @props
    if($result -eq "cancel") {
$items = $renderingsRootItem.Axes.GetDescendants() | Initialize-Item | IsRendering
$reportItems = @()
foreach($item in $items) {
    $count = 0
    $websitecount = 0;
    $referrers = Get-ItemReferrer -Item $item
    if ($referrers -ne $null) {
        $count = $referrers.Count
        foreach($ref in $referrers) {
            if ($ref.ItemPath.StartsWith($websiteRootItem.ItemPath)) {
    $reportItem = [PSCustomObject]@{
        "Icon" = $item."__Icon"
        "WebsiteCount" = $websitecount
        "ItemPath" = $item.ItemPath
        "TemplateName" = $item.TemplateName
        "Controller" = $item.Controller
    $reportItems += $reportItem
$reportProps = @{
    Property = @(
        "Icon",@{Name="Rendering Name"; Expression={$_.Name}}, 
        @{Name="Total Number of usages"; Expression={$_.UsageCount}},
        @{Name="Number of usages below: "+$websiteRootItem.Name.ToString(); Expression={$_.WebsiteCount}},
        @{Label="Rendering Type"; Expression={$_.TemplateName} },
    Title = "Custom rendering report"
    InfoTitle = "Available Renderings"
    InfoDescription = "Count of references for each rendering. Results include only MVC Controller and View renderings.for" + $websiteRootItem.ItemPath.ToString()
$reportItems | 
        Sort-Object WebsiteCount -Descending |
        Show-ListView @reportProps

Reference and Credit : https://www.stockpick.nl/english/how-many-times-is-each-rendering-used-for-a-specific-website/

Hope it helps!

  • Thank you for sharng. But it seems to not work for SXA "Page Design" field where a page will be assigned a Page Design, which will have some Partial Designs, which in turn will have renderings. The code results shows that a rendering usage is 30 but it is used nowhere in any page. Strange!
    – sukesh
    Feb 7 at 7:49

You can use this PowerShell script

write-host 'Running script...'
Set-Location master:\content #this was nessesary in my case, because the original "home" item was deleted and SPE had a bug (now fixed)
$pages = get-item master:\content\MySite\articles | get-childitem -Recurse | where-object { $_.TemplateName -match "Article" }
$device = Get-LayoutDevice -Default
$Results = @();
$DataPath = "C:\MySite\ComponentsInUse.csv"
foreach($page in $pages){
    $renderings = Get-Rendering -Item $page -Device $device -FinalLayout
    foreach($rendering in $renderings){
        if($rendering.ItemID -ne $null)
            $renderingItem = Get-Item master: -ID $rendering.ItemID
            if($renderingItem -ne $null)
                $Properties = @{
                    RenderingItemName = $renderingItem.Name
                    RenderingItemID = $renderingItem.ID
                    RenderingItemPath = $renderingItem.Paths.Path
                    UsedOnPage = $page.Name
                    UsedOnPageID = $page.ID
                    UsedOnPagePath = $page.Paths.Path
                $Results += New-Object psobject -Property $Properties
$Results | Select-Object RenderingItemName,RenderingItemID,RenderingItemPath,UsedOnPage,UsedOnPageID,UsedOnPagePath | Export-Csv -notypeinformation -Path $DataPath
write-host 'Script ended'

here is a reference https://codebuildplay.wordpress.com/2016/11/15/sitecore-powershell-how-to-create-a-list-of-renderings-in-use/

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