Context item field data in sitecoreContext from ComponentWithContextProps, is undefined all the time. ComponentWithContextProps is import of lib/component-props. Below are the screen shot of code, lib, console log of browser.

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I can see in the attached picture , we have to use sitecoreContext not with props .

You can access `sitecoreContext` by withSitecoreContext/useSitecoreContext
 * @example withSitecoreContext()(ContentBlock)
 * @example const { sitecoreContext } = useSitecoreContext()

First off all you need to import useSitecoreContext:

import {
 } from '@sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-nextjs';

and when you want to use it :

  const { sitecoreContext } = useSitecoreContext();

  return (
  <div className="sitecoreContext">
    <li>Sitecore item ID: {context.sitecoreContext.itemId}</li>
    <li>Sitecore item language: {context.sitecoreContext.language}</li>
    <li>Sitecore site name: {context.sitecoreContext.site?.name}</li>

For the Context props to work, you have to wrap the component with withSitecoreContext()

Add the below lines in your component definition:

Import the withSitecoreContext,

import { withSitecoreContext } from '@sitecore-jss/sitecore-jss-nextjs';

And export the component like this,

export default withSitecoreContext()<ComponentWithContextProps>(MyComponent);

If you have other stuff in your props, extend the props with ComponentWithContextProps, and use it like this:

export type MyComponentProps {
  fields: {}
} & ComponentWithContextProps

And change the export to:

export default withSitecoreContext()<MyComponentProps>(MyComponent);

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