Does Sitecore 10.3 offer any module (for content authors) that allow scheduled publishes (adds/removes content based on start/end dates) the Sitecore items from the Master database to the Experience Edge and Web databases?

Or do we need to create a custom code for this?

FYI - Previously, we used SITECORE SCHEDULED PUBLISH for this, but it's no longer available.

Found this recently updated fork of HedgehogDevelopment/SCScheduledPublishing module on GitHub and so far it is working as expected.

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Scheduled publishing can be achieved in a few ways. (I'm surprised this hasn't been exactly answered before!)

  • Task Scheduler: You would need to write a custom task to execute the publish using the Publish Manager - Here is an example for you
  • Sitecore PowerShell Extentions Task Scheduler: Similar to the OOTB task scheduler, this will enable you to run a SPE script that can execute the publish. SPE Tasks, Publish-Item. This method would mean you didn't have to write any custom code and deploy it. You can just do it within the item tree.
  • SiteCron: My preferred method would be to use the SiteCron module. This uses Quartz cron job runners to execute tasks. This makes it much more reliable and accurate than using the built in Task Scheduler. It is a package that will need to be installed on your CM.

None of the above options are unique to publishing to Edge, that just uses the same publish manager with the target set to Edge instead of web. The OOTB task scheduler runs a timer that starts whenever the application starts up. This means that if the application restarts, the interval to run your scheduled publish starts again, making it unreliable for publish jobs that you want to run at the same time every day/week. If you only want to run a publish every n number of hours and it doesn't matter what those hours are, then it might be ok.

For anything where you need to know - the publish will run at 7:30am every day, you will need the cron job based approach.

  • thank you for the information. We are already using the custom scheduled tasks in Sitecore. I am looking for a module that schedules the publishing/unpublishing of a content page for content authors.
    – Sun
    Feb 15 at 15:28
  • There isn't one for 10.3
    – Richard Seal
    Feb 15 at 17:20

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