In the scope query field, for the SXA search, I have entered a query like +custom:Divisions|{C24CDE42-XXXX-4225-9F5F-65D6953EF1C7}. Now I check the Solr query log it builds the query like ?q=divisions:(c24cde4271ed42259f5f65d6953ef1b9) and it gives an error as Solr Error : [undefined field divisions].

I checked the solr, and the field is available as divisions_sm so I tried to modify the scope query like +custom:Divisions_sm|{C24CDE42-XXXX-4225-9F5F-65D6953EF1C7} but it still takes the ?q=divisions:(c24cde4271ed42259f5f65d6953ef1b9).

I thought it was a cache issue so I restarted my pods but still, due to missing _sm in the solr query the data is not coming.

So how can I mention this in the scope query field so that the solr query can be divisions_sm?

  • Is in the Schema file the field name divisons_sm? Feb 16 at 12:05
  • This is not computed field so we did not set this any where on template the field name is Divisions but Solr is indexing it as divisions_sm Feb 16 at 12:12


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