I'm working with Sitecore Forms in SC10 and have encountered a challenge with the autoresponder email functionality. In my form, there's a list field named "How will you use your new home?" with options such as "Owner Occupier" and "Investor", which internally are stored with values "tfa_1" and "tfa_2", respectively.

When setting up the autoresponder email to include the user's selection, I use the placeholder [How will you use your new home] in the email template. However, the autoresponder email displays the value of the selected option (e.g., "tfa_1" or "tfa_2") instead of the display text ("Owner Occupier" or "Investor").

Is there a way in Sitecore Forms to configure the autoresponder email so that it shows the display name or label of the selected option ("Owner Occupier" or "Investor") instead of its value ("tfa_1" or "tfa_2")? I'm looking for a solution that can either be configured directly in Sitecore or through custom development if necessary.

Thanks in advance


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